Topic: Tha old railway bridge and the signs showing it's limitations

C Musk on February 26, 2013, 10:48:27 am

C Musk

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Hi All
I recently reported the problem of inadequate road signage regarding the bridge in Station Road. The HCC web site did not allow this to be fully reported resulting in a waste of time and that they (HCC) could not find the missing sign!
I have therefore taken a different route with this follow up and I thought that others might like to add their own views using the reference number.
Chris Musk

 Regarding Road Signage problem fault reference 201005129898
Your form is totally inappropriate in that it constricts the complaint detail to a point where it is of little or no value.
The problem is one of inadequate signage on all the approaches to the railway bridge in Station Road Smallford. This results in lorries, too large to pass over the bridge, having to try and turn in space inadequate for the purpose. This in turn has resulted in damage to, in particular, the entrance to the  parking area for the Alban Way near to the entrance to O'Sheas yard (which entrance also needs repair). Lying here too is a 'Hydrant' sign which is now not marking the water point as it should and is therefore a serious health and safety issue The warning signs, used for the bridge (an axle with a weight) at several locations is not in the latest Highway Code! These also seem to conflict with other signs that show a 7.5 ton limit - certainly not adhered to either.
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Mike Neighbour on March 30, 2013, 01:00:22 pm
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Mike Neighbour

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I also remember, about two years ago, photographing the Station Road street plate, lying in the undergrowth opposite the Post Office.  It was no good to anyone in that state, and I'm not sure whether it has yet been rescued.