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Vision - The Smallford Plan
« : March 06, 2013, 09:13:23 PM »
Within the St.Albans City and District Councils area it seems inevitable that, in order to meet the housing requirement, development will have to take place on what is now Green Belt Land. It is understood that a review of the Green Belt boundaries is taking place in some areas. It is not known if Smallford is one of them.
There was a time when land designated Green Belt would hardly ever have been considered for development but, over time, this has changed. Without the 'protection' of a Strategic plan for this area the Green Belt is under threat. That said there are Green Belt areas where it could be considered that some form of development would not be intrusive and would have little or no effect on the openness of the GB location. 
Some will remember that many of the villages in this area were designated as inset villages. There was a line around the village and within that area the planning restrictions were not as strict as those applicable to the GB area surrounding the village. This policy would have a strong argument for re-introduction as it would define village areas where some development could take place and at the same time strengthen the status of GB land around the village. What are your views on this?
With Smallford horticulture is a prominent industry and one permitted within the GB. Do you think it correct to designate glass house areas as 'brown field sites' where development is to some extent encouraged?
Should a boundary defining an 'inset' village follow defined features shown on an OS Map (e.g. footpath, hedgerow etc)?
Smallford is in the main a ribbon development, it does not have a village center. Do you think that it would be possible to create a center and if so where and how?
Development of any kind has to be sustainable. It is preferred that public transport be used in preference to the car. Where, if any, should places of employment and schooling be sited to best serve this community?
These ideas have been set out to encourage discussion. The aim it to see if collectively form the future vision for this village aim for that to be achieved.
Please do post your thoughts and comments.