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Forum Hints and Tips - How to Use
« : March 12, 2013, 02:37:37 PM »
Here is a list of tips and tricks to help aid your use of these forums.  The list will be updated with additional content if you feel there is something missing, please write a comment and this post will be updated with the relevant info.

General Tips
  • Click on "Attachments and other options" just below the writing box when posting a new topic or reply.  There are several options within, such as adding attachments.
  • Also within the "Attachments and other options" drop down, you can put a tick in the box beside "Notify me of replies".  You will then be sent an email everytime someone replies to the topic/post.
  • You can set preferences for your account, including how you receive replies etc.  To do this, click on "Profile" from the top menu.  Once the page loads, there are new options beneath the menu.  Hover the mouse over, "Modify Profile" and choose "Notifications" from the list that drops down.
  • If you're viewing the forum from a mobile phone, there is a link at the bottom to a WAP version of the website which will allow the forum to better fit onto older devices.  Simply click the link to view the forum in WAP mode.
  • It is possible to send members of the forum private messages.  To do so, simply click on members to "view the memberlist", then click on the desired profile name.  You will then be able to click on "Send PM".  PM stands for private message.

Replying to Posts
  • If you forget what someone has written while writing your reply, scroll down the page and there is a summary of the conversation below.
  • Just before submitting your message, it is worth previewing it to see how it appears.  Click "Preview"; seemingly nothing happens, but if you scroll up, you will see the preview text just as it will appear once posted.  This may take a while if posting attachments - which do not appear in the preview.
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