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Nast Hyde Halt
« : March 12, 2013, 07:17:55 PM »
Hello All,

At our Feb. 4th 'gathering', there was some talk about the wooden 'hut' that had been on the Nast Hyde Halt platform and whether it had been a 'Waiting Room/Shelter' (to serve the very few passengers who used the halt up to closure to passengers in 1951) or had some other purpose....

Looking at the remaining structure in the 1967 photo on Nick Catford's 'Disused Stations' website, the missing door allows one to see an apparent seat bench inside. Earlier photos seen elsewhere (including Brian Anderson's 1962 shot in "The Hatfield and St Albans Branch....") show the structure previously had a 'tin' chimney, which presumably served a stove that could heat the interior...before stove, chimney and door eventually  'disappeared'. Here's a link:


So, it seems almost certain that it had been a Waiting Room (or Shelter-with-door at least!) but if anyone knows different, or more about who used it and what for (remembering the Moderator/s will be monitoring postings.....), please do tell.

If anyone is thinking about joining in the the 'tidy-up' of the old platform (when the weather gets reliably warmer!), please let me know - I'm too far away to organise it, but would like to help if I can.