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Smallford [Station] Logo
« : April 11, 2013, 03:47:34 PM »
Hi All,

As many of you will no doubt have seen already, I have designed a logo for the Smallford Station project.  Thoughts are welcome, but there are lots of little geeky elements incorporated within the design that I've hidden within as follows;

• Overall shape (circle with bar through the middle) representative of the classic station signage still used in rail transport today.
• Embellishment to the left and right of the middle bar are the [stylised] profile of train wheels.
• The train depicted at the top is loosely based upon the same sort of style as trundelled past Smallford Station.
• The lower part is styled on an old steam train wheel, you can just make out a cam hanging down beneath the bar.
• The font used is Gill Sans which is steeped in railway history and still used to this day in the London Underground for example.

Hope you all enjoy the logo and by all means, please let me know your thoughts and compliments/critique.