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Visit on 20/3/13
« : March 24, 2013, 10:19:52 AM »
I looked at the Plans & Sections of a planned railway from Hertford, via Hatfield, to St. Alban's in 1845 (documents R605/6/7) and its associated Book of Reference, giving landowners and occupiers (document R610). A hand-written endorsement on the cover of the plans indicated that the scheme had been renamed as the Hatfield and Hertford Junction Railway. (This plan did not materialise into the railway we are studying.)

I also looked at the Plans & Sections of the Hatfield & Hertford Railway, of 1862 (document R616) and its associated Book of Reference (document R614). This plan took a different course (between Hatfield and St. Alban's) from that of 1845. (This is the plan that materialised as the railway we are studying, opening in 1865.)

I looked at a studio photograph of a Mr North, Station Master at Smallford Station, and his wife (document DE/X997/1).