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: Does anyone have The Telegraph and Railway News from June 1864?  ( 3310 )


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Attached below is an extract from a document at The National Archives at Kew entitled, "Hatfield and St Albans Railway Journal". (RAIL 295 (1, 2, 3, 4)).

In the extract from June 1864, there is mention of, "Advertising" in both the "Daily Telegraph" and "Railway News".  Does anybody already have - or can anyone obtain copies of those magazines/papers from that date, whereby we may be able to find the aforementioned advertising?

The advert should relate to the Hatfield and St Albans Branch Line.  In what capacity, I do not know.  For example, it might be an advert offering jobs on the railway line, or construction or perhaps simply advertising it's existance.

Would be interesting to find out!!