John Henry Dillon

1819 – 1877


Relationship with the Hatfield and St Albans Railway Company:

  • The Minute Book records that he was one of the seven who attended the second Board meeting, on Friday 17th April 1863, the first time all seven sat together.
  • His last Board meeting was that of 22nd June 1866, although he remained a Board member for some while after that.

  Life Highlights:

  • Born on 18th January 1819, in Southampton Row, Marylebone (Paddington), Middlesex, of John Dillon and Mary (nee Wooley).
  • Remained a bachelor.
  • Died on 16th November 1877, at K 5, the Albany, Piccadilly, Middlesex.
  • Administration granted on 24th December 1877: effects under £4,000.
  • Death reported in the company’s Minutes of 4th February 1882.
  • Was one of a committee formed to relieve the destitute following a serious fire in St Johns, Newfoundland (1846).
  • Was on board Brunel’s “Great Eastern” when it had its accident (September 1859).
  • He was joint Hon. Secretary of the Harrison Memorial Fund (to support the widow and family of Captain William Harrison (of Brunel’s Great Eastern)) (February 1860).
  • Among his Directorships were:
  • The London and Paris Joint Stock Bank (c1855).
  • The Universal Marine Insurance Company (1859).
  • The Paris Land Company (Limited) (c1861) (Trustee and Director).
  • The Universal Private Telegraph Company (c1861) (Deputy-Chairman).
  • The Andover and Redbridge Railway (until 1862).
  • The Hatfield and St Albans Railway (1862).
  • The London and South of Ireland Direct Telegraph Company (Limited) (c1862).
  • The Landowners, Lessees and Occupiers’ Protection Association (Limited), (for the adjustment of claims of landowners etc.) (Chairman) (c1864).
  • The Financial Corporation (Limited), (inviting subscriptions for the Shireoaks Colliery Company (Limited)) (c1864).
  • The Keldside Mining Company (Limited) (c1865).
  • The Watford and Rickmansworth Railway.
  • With others applied to the Dean of Westminster to erect, in Westminster Abbey, a memorial to William Makepeace Thakeray.
  • Emigrated, address unknown, according to The Times of 2nd September 1905.

Homes included:

  • Southampton Row, Marylebone, Middlesex (at birth).
  • Hoxton Square, St Leonards, Shoreditch, Middlesex (at brother’s birth, 1821).
  • Frognall House, St Johns, Hampstead.
  • K 5, the Albany, Piccadilly, Middlesex (as these are described as “chambers”, could this be a business address? He died here!)(1851-77). (46 Piccadilly & 5 Burlington Gardens.)
  • 46 Philip Street, Kingsland Road (lived at his father’s house?) (1858-64).
  • 3 Figtree Court, Temple (business?) (1856).

He, his parents, 2 brothers and others are at Frognall House, St Johns, Hampstead, Middlesex, in the 1841 census: Barrister. He (unmarried) and 1 servant are at 5K Albany, Piccadilly, in the 1861 census: Barrister. He (unmarried) and 2 servants (married couple) are at 5K Albany, Piccadilly, in the 1871 census: Barrister not in practice.


Information gathered from:

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