Joseph Cary

nnnn – 1874


Relationship with the Hatfield and St Albans Railway Company:

  • The Minute Book records that he was one of four who attended the first Board meeting, on Thursday 11th December 1862.
  • The Minute book also records that he was elected Deputy-Chairman of the company at the third Board meeting, on 22nd April 1863.
  • His last Board meeting was that of 18th March 1870, at which time he took the chair.

Life Highlights:

  • Wife died before he did.
  • Died on 15th December 1874, at Quimper ,Finisterre, France.
  • Probate granted on 10th February 1875: effects under £2,000.
  • Death reported in the company’s Minutes of 4th February 1882.
  • Amongst his directorships were:
  1. The Victoria Railways – Geelong and Ballarat line (c1856) (Deputy-Chairman).
  2. The Watford and Rickmansworth Railway (1860).
  3. The Uxbridge and Rickmansworth Railway (never built).
  4. The Rickmansworth, Amersham and Chesham Railway (never built).
  5. The Greenwich & Woolwich Railway (c1860).
  6. The Mid-Sussex and Midhurst Junction Railway (c1861) (Chairman).
  7. The Paris Land Company (Ltd) (c1861).
  8. The Universal Private Telegraph Company (c1861).
  9. The Hatfield & St Albans Railway (1862) (Deputy-Chairman).
  10. The London and South of Ireland Direct Telegraph Company (Limited) (c1862).
  11. The Eltham Valley Railway.

Homes included:

  • 49 Pall Mall, St James’s, London.


Information gathered from:

  • The Hatfield & St Albans Railway Company Minute Book.
  • Wills Index.
  • The Times Digital Archive.


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