The Hon. Reginald Algernon Capel, J.P.

1830 – 1906

  Relationship with the Hatfield and St Albans Railway Company:

  • The Minute Book records that he was one of four who attended the first Board meeting, on Thursday 11th December 1862.
  • Appointed Receiver on 5th June 1880.
  • Following financial woes from the beginning, the railway was eventually taken over, by the Great Northern Railway, on 1st November 1883.
  • Chaired the last Board meeting, on Thursday 28th February 1884.
  • The last item in the Minutes of the company is a memorandum, dated 22dn May 1884, recording the sealing of a receipt for £ from him, as receiver.

Life Highlights:

  • Born on 3rd October 1830, to Arthur Algernon Capel, 6th Earl of Essex, and Lady Caroline Janetta, in St Pancras London.
  • Educated at Harrow School.
  • Married Mary Eliza Fazakerly in 1858.
  • Went to Belgium & Luxembourg in 1870 to set up a line of communication for the transit of stores to French field hospitals.
  • Died on 31st July 1906 at 26 Connaught Square.
  • Buried on 3rd August 1906 at Watford.
  • Will proved by his widow Mary, and others, on 20th August 1906: effects £58,583.10.2.
  • (Wife died ion 19th June 1911: probate granted 12th July 1911: effects £79,325.8.5.)
  • Was a capable rifle-shooter.
  • Amongst his directorships were:
  • The Watford and Rickmansworth Railway (1860).
  • The Uxbridge and Rickmansworth railway (never built).
  • The Rickmansworth Amersham and Chesham Railway (never built).
  • Bray’s Traction Engine Company (c1861).
  • The Hatfield and St Albans Railway Company (1862).
  • The Great Northern Railway (c1884), becoming Deputy-Chairman (1897).
  • The Land and House Property Corporation (Limited) (c1891).
  • The London and North-West American Mortgage Company (Limited) (c1892).
  • Among his trusteeships were:
  • The Mercantile Investment and General Trust Company (Limited) (c1884).
  • The Hudson Tunnel Railway Company of New York (c1888, resigned 1892).
  • Among his governorships was:
  • The Royal Hospital for Diseases of the Chest (c1878).
  • Among his honorary secretaryships was:
  • The Great Northern Central Hospital (1884).
  • Among his committee work were:
  • The British and Colonial Emigration Society (c1869).
  • The Society for the Relief of Distress (c1870).
  • The Hospital Sunday Fund (c1878).
  • He was a Justice of the Peace.
  • He was a Member of Parliament (1885).
  • He promoted allotments in Watford.

Homes included:

  • Moneyhill House, Rickmansworth.
  • 49 Little Cassiobury, Hampstead Road, Watford, Hertfordshire.
  • 119 Sloane Street, Chelsea. London.
  • 21 Chesham Place, Belgrave Square, London S.W.
  • 26 Connaught Square, Middlesex.

He is at his brother’s house, 24 Wilton Street, Belgrave, in the 1851 census.

He and his wife are at 119 Sloane Street, Chelsea, London, in the 1871 census.

He and his wife are at Little Cassiobury, Watford, Hertfordshire, in the 1881 census.

He and his wife are at Little Cassiobury, Hampstead Road, Watford, Hertfordshire, in the 1891 census.

He and, his wife are lodgers at the Lodging House in Welbeck Street, St Marylebone, in the 1901 census.


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