Another farm not in use today is Butterwick. In fact the farm homestead has gone too, consumed in the process of winning gravel from under that part of the farm south of the branch railway.

The part north of the railway came into the hands of the District Council and has been developed as a series of industrial estates. The first individual buildings to arrive were a timber yard, a wartime central meat store, a banana warehouse, an agricultural machinery, manufacturer and a plant hire company. The first major input came in the form of a Lyon serviced warehouse estate at the eastern end, a slightly later estate around Acrewood Way, and further businesses, including for start-up firms at the western end.

During the past thirty years a few sites have become retail units, which spread the traffic flow throughout the day; and two churches now operate from former warehouse accommodation, which further spreads traffic load, attracting many cars on Sundays.

Few trees remain on the site which was formerly Butterwick Wood.

The area, formerly Butterwick Wood

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