In a demonstration of the reliance on horses and simple machinery for much of the farm work, as well as the needs of travellers, there were three farriers within a short distance of each other during the 19th century.

The blacksmith’s forge next to the Three Horseshoes in Hatfield Road, has now been incorporated into the current-day restaurant building. Much of its work was probably for travellers: shoeing and possibly cart, wagon and carriage repairs.

At the junction of Wilkins Green Lane from Station Road, and the short branch of the same road from Hatfield Road and passing Wilkins Green Farm, is a triangle of land which also contained a forge; a large pond also existed here, as shown in the photograph below. The Shepherd family were associated with this business.

Finally, all traces of the third farrier have now been lost underneath the homes along St Albans Road West, just east of Ellenbrook Lane. There were once two terraces of small dwellings, one of which contained a forge; the necessary water being supplied from the Ellen Brook which flows southwards parallel to the Lane, joining the river Colne.

The Old Forge, Wilkins Green

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