The Smallford Station & Alban Way Heritage Society’s ‘Travelling Exhibition’ will be at the Show, being held, as usual, at  Oaklands College, Smallford Campus – which is on the edge of St Albans, on the Hatfield Road – open from 10am each day. There’s always a terrific atmosphere and it’s truly a wonderful day out, especially for families.

Do come and see us for :

  • up-to-date information on the activities of our Society, developing work begun with the ‘Bringing the History of Smallford Station to Life’ Project
  • a chat about anything to do with Smallford Station, the old Hatfield-St Albans Railway it served, and the Alban Way (the track-bed of the old railway line).

We look forward to seeing you and happily sharing relevant information! For further information, email us @

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