Thomas North

1850 – 1931

Relationship with the Hatfield and St Albans branch:

  • Stationmaster at Smallford, retiring on 31st December 1919, aged 69.

Life Highlights:

  • Born in 1850, in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, of William & ? North.
  • Married Lydia Groom In St Albans, Hertfordshire, in 1872.
  • Retired, aged 69, from being stationmaster at Smallford, after 46 years’ service with the Great Northern Railway.
  • Died in 1931, in St Albans.
  • (Wife died in 1937, in St Albans.)

Homes included:

  • Co——–, Bowling Alley, Harpenden, Hertfordshire.
  • Chapel Row, Harpenden, Hertfordshire.
  • GNR Cottages, Whitewash Alley, Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
  • Railway Cottage, Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
  • Station House, Great Northern Railway, Smallford, St Albans, Hertfordshire.
  • Sandfield Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire.

He and his parents are at Co——–, Bowling Alley, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, in the 1851 census.

He and his parents are at Chapel Row, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, in the 1861 census.

He, his wife, 3 daughters and 2 sons are at GNR Cottages, Whitewash Alley, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, in the 1881 census, Goods Porter.

He, his wife, 3 daughters and 4 sons are at Railway Cottage, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, in the 1891 census, Railway Porter.

He, his wife, and 2 daughters are at Smallford Railway Station House, St Albans, Hertfordshire, in the 1901 census, Station Master.

He, his wife, and a grand- daughter are at Smallford GN Station House, near St Albans, Hertfordshire, in the 1911 census, Station Master.

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He blamed the worry of the war for ill health, leading to retirement. About 20,000 soldiers were stationed in the neighbourhood, for training during World War I, so trains were busy. Before the war, the main excitement was the beagle and staghound meets. He was on duty every Sunday and every Christmas Day.

Having retired, he went to live with one of his daughters in Sandfield Road, St Albans, prior to looking for a cottage in the city.

Recorded in the 1911 census is the fact that he and his wife had had 10 children born alive, of which 7 were still alive.

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Information gathered from:

  • The Roger Taylor archive.
  • Census returns.
  • Births Index.
  • Marriage Index.
  • Deaths Index.
  • Wills Index.

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